Goodbye, and Hello

Guys. I know. It’s been ages. I’m sorry for being such an unreliable source of reading material. The truth is, I started a new blog. I’ve been thinking about a new blog for almost a year, and I’ve spent the last few months playing around with it, and ensuring myself I’m going to be dedicated … More Goodbye, and Hello

Almost Vegan

Here we are, 7 months have passed again, and no blogs have been posted. I’m not going to feel tooo bad about it, life has been pretty busy. Since my last post I’ve gotten married, gotten a new house, and gotten a puppy (best decision: if you are debating getting a dog, get one!)  Justin … More Almost Vegan

Welcome Roads

I haven’t published a blog in 2 1/2 months.  Getting back into the swing of things, catching up with friends, and starting my own business has meant me going pretty much non-stop since the minute my feet hit the Georgia soil.  This busy [almost] two months of being back in my home state have been … More Welcome Roads

Anthems of 2015

I always remember what year a song came out.  I have a terrible, atrocious memory, so music is essential for me to actually remember what was going on in my life and when.  As the feeling the song brings to surface resonates, I can vividly remember all the circumstances of whatever phase of life I … More Anthems of 2015


In looking back, I’m blown away by the fact that I got through this year with this inexplicable, underlying sense that I was being carried, that I wasn’t walking on my own two feet. … More Stripped

Coming Home

My first morning waking up in Atlanta in almost 7 months and I was on cloud 9. For the past few months I’ve felt alone in LA.  I can love things about it like the food, the beachy culture, the ocean, and the weirdness but there is still this element that I am walking out … More Coming Home