Women of Honor

“King’s daughters are among Your honorable women” [Psalm 45:9]

Psalm 45 is reflective of a wedding day.  Historically, I am not sure if that’s true but the picture it paints of praise, of masculine strength and glory paired with feminine beauty and delicacy exudes wedding day.  I have this mental image of a beautiful bride, who has chosen a strong and righteous man, gathered in a room with silk and gold hanging from the ceiling, laughing and dancing with her bridesmaids, her women of honor.  When I read this I’m reminded how incredibly blessed I am to have these women of honor, daughters of Kings, to walk through life with me.


What is a woman of honor? I’ll give a description based on Proverbs 31.

She is virtuous and capable
She is far more valuable than the most precious stones
She is trustworthy
She does good, and not evilIMG_5117
She works hard
She provides for those she loves
She is intelligent
She is strategic
She is opportunistic
She is strength
She is not idle
She does not waste time
She is compassionate
She is prepared
She is unafraid
She is well-dressed (no kidding)
Her husband is respected
She is innovative
She is honorable
She is full of joy
She is wise
She is observant, alert, and aware
She is kind, and her heart breaks for the brokenhearted 
Her life is fruitful

How rare is such a woman!  Yet I am surrounded by them. I am surrounded by
IMG_4576strong, kind, compassionate, intelligent, beautiful, courageous women who I get to call my best friends.  Who encourage me, and affirm me in everything.  They call out my gifts and encourage them, and push me to pursue them.  They listen to me, they speak truth into me, they challenge me, they convict me, they test me, they love me, they pray for me, they pray with me.  Their hearts break when mine breaks, and their hearts rejoice when mine rejoices.  I can’t believe I get to walk alongside these honorable women, daughters of the King.

IMG_4579In college we were all in different friend groups.  Different sororities.  Dating different guys.  Going to different band parties, or not going to band parties at all.  Some following Jesus, some not.  We were all woven together through a series of happenstance, completely orchestrated by God meetings.  When people ask us how we know each other, no one ever really knows how to answer because we really can’t pinpoint an exact reason that we all came together? But I have them.

IMG_4479I distinctly remember the beginning of my transition into following and knowing Christ, and praying so desperately for a solid community, because no one can really walk out their faith alone.  My prayers were answered and then some by the beautiful and incredible group of women that I get to call my best friends.  My community is the biggest testimony in my life of Ephesians 3:20.

If you don’t have that core group, the people you know will be there forever, the IMG_3028people who make you feel loved and valued, who see more good in you than you ever deserved, who encourage you, who ask you all the questions you don’t want to answer, and who understand when you really just can’t talk about it anymore, the people you can’t live without; if you don’t have that, start praying for it now.  Community is essential to our joy. I can’t imagine how much less dazzling and joyful life would be without them.

I don’t even think I would really know myself without them.  I wouldn’t grow without them watering me.  IMG_5085

You are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets with Christ Jesus Himself the Chief cornerstone, In whom the whole building, being fitted together, grows into a holy temple in the Lord. In whom you also are being built together for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit [Ephesians 2:21-22]

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