Oatmeal Cake with Coconut Pecan Frosting and Other Coconut Mania

My co-workers have officially stopped eating everything I put in front of them and given me a resounding “no”, that they will not be a victim of their sweet tooth in the same way that I am. Therefore, I ate the majority of these myself because some people have self control. Obviously I’ve been on a coconut binge lately.  Not only am I cooking with it, I’m using it as body moisturizer, succumbing to the trend of “oil pulling”, and am also using it as creamer for my coffee.

Item # 1.) It’s really a great way to satiate my sweet tooth.  Some shredded coconut with Soy Milk and Bananas (maybe sometimes some chocolate chips), I’m equally satisfied as satisfied as if I just ate multiple tablespoons of nutella (if I did that sort of thing)

Item # 2.) It’s a great natural moisturizer.  Many, many lotions utilize the benefits of coconut oil and make them part of their formula.  This is just a way to cut the added chemicals, etc. of most body lotions, and nourish your skin naturally.

Item # 3.) I’ve been oil pulling for a very short amount of time, so I haven’t really formed an opinion on it yet.  But my teeth are already whiter, so there’s that.

Item # 4.)  It tastes great.  I mix a little under a tea spoon of coconut oil into my coffee, add a bit of soy milk, and I’m on my way.  For me this cuts out the sugar (that I obviously get too much of from other sources, cough cough, baked goods).  I can’t drink black or unsweetened coffee, so adding a bit of coconut oil does the trick to sweeten it up to my liking.

Not only does it enhance the taste of my morning brew, but coconut oil has been known to reduce belly fat, enhance nutrient absorption, and act as an antioxidant among many other things – it can’t hurt to kick start my day with all of these health benefits in addition to caffeine #amiright?

Back to the point of the post, the cake. This cake had a dense, yet light texture. It was very dense and substantial, but didn’t go down like the usual cake because the base of this cake is oats.  I also ate these little babies for breakfast a couple of mornings, oops, but they kind of reminded me of a breakfast cake. This recipe from For the Love of Cooking yielded moist, delectable cakes that are varied from the standard and were easy to make.  My synopsis: recommended.

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