Goodbye, and Hello

Guys. I know. It’s been ages. I’m sorry for being such an unreliable source of reading material.

The truth is, I started a new blog. I’ve been thinking about a new blog for almost a year, and I’ve spent the last few months playing around with it, and ensuring myself I’m going to be dedicated to it before taking the time to start another site. I wasn’t ready to show it to the people yet.

Why am I starting a new blog? I started Lion Heart when I was at a time and place in my life where I needed to be brave. I was alone in a new place. I was going through so many transitions. I was nursing a broken heart. I was embarking on something completely new, and I also just had no idea what direction my life was going in. I needed Lion Heart to encourage myself.  To process through all of my emotions, and they were many. To express the incredible feelings I was having whether they were good or bad. I don’t want to say I’ve outgrown Lion Heart, but my life is in a completely different place. A more stable place. A place where I am not living in confusion and emotional chaos, and a place where I know myself better.

I know what I love and what things bring me joy. I know what journey I am on, and that’s one of a budding marriage, growing business, and still with an element of uncertainty mixed in with Justin’s new career change and Chick Fil A pursuit.  Once again, I live in a new place, but I am going to experience this place in a different way than I did the last one simply because it’s the beginning of my life with someone else attached to it, and is more exciting, sweet, intentional, and promising than the last move.

In the beginning, the Lion Heart blog was intended to be more about food and less about my feelings. I only ever mustered up the capacity to write whenever I was overflowing with feelings and it just kind of stayed that way. Now, I still want to write and post even when I don’t have that much to say. It doesn’t seem like that kind of posting belongs on this little treasure of a site that I used as an outlet to get through the hardest and best years of my young adult life. So, I’m saying Goodbye to Lion Heart and hello to Daily Sustenance. You’ve been a place of refuge old friend.

This is also a great place + time for me to just be in awe at how drastically life has changed since I started this blog, and to be in awe about how incredible and powerful and unpredictable God is. In that way, I’m really thankful that it’s time for me to move on and create a blog that echoes more of where I am now, which is a place of goodness. God delivers on His promises. He hears our suffering. He is there to lead us through the desert (still have to google how to spell desert vs dessert every time btw) and into our personal promised land. I am still marveled on the reg at how happy I am, and how much work Jesus has done to redeem and restore my relationship with Justin, to give me a new life that is so full that I’m naturally thankful almost every day. Any time I dreamed about us being here, the immediate thought after that was that it would be impossible after so much damage. I mean, it’s incredible that we are here. It’s incredible that we are healed, that our relationship is healthy, that we are more than happy, that our marriage is easy, that we are living in abundance, that we are on the other side of the crazy battle that our relationship was up until 2016. Praise Jesus. I know know know that life will throw us hard things, and I know that this is a peak and that there will be valleys. I am not a prosperity gospel kween, and err on the side of fearing tragedy because I know that it brings me to total dependency on God, but that’s also wrong because God has good intentions for my life. Anyway. I believe the journey of how we got here was probably one of the hardest things we will have to sort through and has given us such a strong foundation for our marriage. Lamentations 3:27 says, “It is good for a man that he should bear the yoke (I.E. bondage) when he is young”. I am certain that our previous yoke was purposeful in building us up and giving us an incredibly strong marital + life foundation. As hard as the path was, I am thankful for it. Kind of.

Lion Heart got so much support and so.many. encouraging words! I would love it if you subscribed, followed, checked out the new site too! This blog will still have personal posts, spiritual posts, posts about things that are hard in life, but will be a little (a lot) more upbeat, and not always so heavy that you have to set aside 15 minutes of your day to read my latest emotional musing. More food + recipe sharing, and much more lifestyle and decor inspiration. Daily Sustenance will be more of a creative outlet for me, as Lion Heart was an emotional and spiritual outlet.  Thank you, friends and family, for reading! Your encouragement always means way more than you know, and I hope that you will join in my next blogging adventure!

PS just in case you don’t know how to use hyperlinks, the new site is Still a work in progress, but the key word is progress.

PPS I am going to leave the site up for a while because I’m not thatttt ready to say goodbye.



2 thoughts on “Goodbye, and Hello

  1. Good luck with the new blog! For me, who just started blogging recently, it is fascinating to see the bigger picture of your blogging journey! I wish you all the luck 🙂

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