About Me

Aspiring world traveler. Proving to be a problem for someone who hates flying.

Entrpreneur and company founder.

Bi-Coastal Wannabe. I am a Georgia girl and love the city of Atlanta. I am also a mermaid, and need to be my the ocean. I fell in love with Southern California. All these things equate to a deep desire to live a bi-coastal life because you can have the best of both worlds.

Foodie– just like every other millennial you know.  Nothing makes me happier than good food and drinks with people I love.

Amateur writer. See entrrepenuer. Because I have my own business, I don’t have enough time to write but my soul craves it.

Semi-chef.  Like every good southern girl, I am a good cook, and I love experimenting in the kitchen.

Trader Joe’s Wine Expert. Maybe one day I’ll be fancier.

Advocate for holistic living. Exercise.  Eat Right. Live longer and healthier. Find your balance.  You are in control of how you feel.

I love free and wild things.  I love people who are courageous.  I’m inspired by boldness. I love Atlanta. I love being outside. Did I mention I love food?

I love gathering.  My community is a fountain of goodness, and an irreplaceable foundation in my life, and I love nothing more than a gathering of the people I love.  Real life change didn’t come until I was able to surround myself with a solid community and they are the fountains of water when my life is dry. You’ve heard that quote, you are who your best friends are? Yea, that’s true.

This blog is mostly about how Christ is constantly transforming my heart and my life.  It’s about dealing with everything that happens in your 20s that no one warned you about (seriously, how did they not start training us for this from childhood, also NO NO YOU WILL NEVER USE TRIGONOMETRY).

It’s about food, and Atlanta, and California. It exists because sometimes to process things, I really just need to write them down. Sometimes to fully enjoy the restaurant I went to last night, I just need to talk about it and share it with people. Sometimes I write a few times a month, and sometimes I go a few months without writing.

It’s about brokenness, restoration, and reconciliation.  It’s putting my life out there in hopes of encouraging someone else to get through whatever is happening in theirs.

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Twitter: @brittanycdixon

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