A Gleaming Moment

You know when you have one of those moments where you are absolutely conscious of it being “one of those moments”.  Like screaming with your best friend while simultaneously trying to kill a people eating cockroach, and then hysterically laughing about how ridiculous it was for a solid 20 minutes afterward.  A moment where in … More A Gleaming Moment

The Never Ending Tail Chase of finding “A Purposeful Career”

Naturally, I’m inclined to strive for things.  I recently did one of those Myers-Briggs personality tests, again, and one of the summary statements about me said that I “easily feel empty and void of purpose” which is absolutely true.  I frequently fear that I’m missing or overlooking some kind of clue God left out for … More The Never Ending Tail Chase of finding “A Purposeful Career”

My Whole Heart

I had a revelation at church today.  It was the simplest of things.  The speaker was Hillsong United’s front man, Joel Houston.  He started out very nervous about what he would say because he isn’t a pastor obviously, he is a writer and musician.  It was so interesting to me that he seemed to not … More My Whole Heart


I got distracted by life again, hence here you have another long overdue blog post.  I swear I’ll be more on top of it. It’s really hard to be adventurous and be up to date on your blog.. As I was driving from San Diego to Los Angeles it finally started to hit me that … More Arrival

San Diego

San Diego is beautiful, and if I stay in California it’s probably where I would raise my family.  It was one of the places I considered moving, and there is so much more to San Diego than all those reviews I read on the internet when I was considering moving there, calling it provincial. We … More San Diego